Yeung (4) – σῴζω – The Woman who Touched Jesus’ garment.

– Yeung states that we ought not to be surprised if by σῴζω Jesus meant both healing and salvation.

Pg. 171
The Woman who Touched Jesus’ garment.
– Synoptic Issue here. Was she healed prior to(Mark;Luke) or during(Matt) or after(Matt) Jesus’ pronouncement?

Yeung says that to understand the Synoptic issue here we need to understand the use and nonuse of σῴζω here. See pgs. 172-173.

Yeung thinks that the woman’s faith was miracle-salvation faith. Why?

“The fact that the woman thought that Jesus could save her from her distress (which was seen either as a punitive or benevolent blow from God) with just one touch of his garment indicates that she expected a healing miracle as well as relief from God.”

Yeung states that Jesus’ “your faith has healed/saved you” was an unprecedented saying in Jesus’ day. Yeung also mentions that Jesus’ healing imparted purity also.