Hinduism Notes

4 Goals: broadly speaking
~ Kama, Artha, Dharma and Moksha
”==> Sacchidhananda = BAB = Being, Awareness and Bliss
~ The first two are desire based, and the latter two renunciation based.

Question: What is the relationship between the Murgas and the above?
~ thinkers –> Jnana murga
~ doers –> Karma murga
~ lovers –> Bhakti murga

There also the atman/brahman reconciliation issue, Samsara amd karma…
Note the Karma here is distinct from the Karma as the Law of Cause and Effect. No? You also do something on account of your duty, not on account of consequences. No?

Moving on – some observations of A.P. Nirmal:
~ Brahmabandhav Upadhyaya attempted a synthesis of Sankara’s Advaita Vedanta w/ Xtn Theology.
~ A.J. Appasamy attempted a synthesis of Ramanuja’s Vishish Advaita w/ Xtn Theology
~ M.M. Thomas attempted a synthesis of Karma Marga???
~ P. Chenchiah attempted a synthesis of Sri Aurobindo’s Integral Yoga w/ Xtn Theology.

These are not exactly the notes that I have been looking for. I thought I read somewhere that M.M. Thomas attempted a synthesis with Mimamsa???

*Note – It needs to be noted, that the operative word is synthesise – not syncretise.