Notes from Jesus In Trinitarian Perspective

The following are some notes that I am taking from Jesus In Trinitarian Perspective edited by Fred Sanders & Klaus Issler. The notes in particular will be coming from Chapter 6, titled, Jesus’ Example by Klaus Issler – which I find to be quite fascinating.

(1) Issler argument in this chapter is going to be that Jesus lived the supernatural life that He lived, because He predominantly depended upon the resources of the Father and also upon the Holy Spirit. He did not in the main rely upon His own resources.

(2) It is important to understand this – (1) – in order to understand how Jesus can be our genuine example – Imitatio Christi

So here is the thought… Jesus was Lord of the Universe, even as he walked the earth. However He still predominantly relied upon the Father and the Holy Spirit to get through His ups and downs. He, in the main did not rely on His own divine power. What does this mean for us?

I may be gifted in this way or that, yet still I want to rely on God – not just on my gifts. Complete dependence.

Imitatio Christi – Martin preferred Coformitas Christi.

Marguerite Shuster makes a good point, as there is a little bit of debate over the issue of whether we imitate Jesus or follow Jesus. She states that what we need and and what the NT offers us is first and foremost, not an example but a Saviour. Yet still Shuster does also affirm that Jesus is presented in the NT as our example.

Issler asks “Once Jesus is affirmed as our Saviour and high priest, can Jesus also serve as our example to imitate?”