Song of Songs and Tamil Poetry

It is interesting to note that someone has made a comparison of Tamil poetry with Song of Songs

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Finally – Wiki makes a brief mention of this

Here are some notes from the article, Book of Song of Songs 1 article by G. Schwab in The Dictionary of the Old Testament: Wisdom, Poetry & Writing.


While there are many parallels between the two, there are also many differences. Here are some of the differences btwn the two:

1. The dialogues btwn the man and the woman are lacking in comparable literature. (I’m not 100% sure what he means by this).

2. SOS does not follow many of the poetic conventions of Tamil Poetry. For example in Tamil poetry, the girl is not described in a linear fashion.

3. Most importantly –> In Tamil poetry, the culminating telos is marriage. In SOS marriage is not explicitly pointed out, and life beyond marriage is also described.

Fisch has this to say about comparing SOS to Egyptian and Tamil poetry:

“But when all parallels have been noted, the Song really stands out as unique. It touches heights and depths that are unknown in love poetry of the ancient Middle East, indeed the love poetry of any time.”