The Personalities of the Four Gospel Writers

A long whiles back, en route to Syracuse, I went to a MickyD’s where I saw this church youth group eating dinner and discussing church and the Bible. Something then got my head thinking. I started thinking about how to explain the 4 apostles. So who are these 4 guys and what are they like? Lets start with Matthew…



Matthew: is the guy who cannot shut up. He goes on and on and on. He is like a newspaper or magazine reporter. If you look at the book of Matthew, it is the longest Gospel. Matthew is full of parables, and stories about Jesus and so on.

St. Mark

Mark: is the shortest Gospel account. He is very brief and terse. He will not say any more than he needs to. Mark is like the action photographer who accompanies the newspaper or magazine journalist. He just keeps snapping photo after photo and takes you quickly from scene to scene. He gives you the bare minimum info for a scene.

St. John
St. John

John: is a deep deep guy. He is the theologian par excellent. Everything that he says is thought out and takes time to be said.

St. Luke
St. Luke

Luke: M.B.B.S., M.D. etc. is the doctor. He is the physician. As such he is always about details. If you read his Gospel or Acts, you will find all sorts of details even nautical ones.

House:  Soeeee… Suppose you went to a house – say to some party or function. Where then would you find these guys in that house? What rooms would they be located in?

Old Victorian House
Old Victorian House

~ You would find Matthew in the living (or sitting) room. He would be the life of the party and would be talking talking talking. There would be a crowd of people surrounding him.

~ Mark would be the guy walking around all over the house, especially to where the crowds were, taking photos of everyone. He wouldn’t really be talking to anyone much since he will be busy snapping photos not wanting to miss any action. Here and there he might make some short abrupt statements to someone but thats about it..

~ John would be in the office. His office will have plenty of shelves with books and papers in it. On his desk also would be all sorts of reading material and a computer. John would be deep in thought and when you walk in would slowly and pensively say to you “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God…”

~ And Luke – where would he be? Luke would be in the bedroom. He would be checking up on someone who was sick. As a doctor being details oriented, he would be asking questions like… “When you coughed, what kind of a noise did you make? Was it smooth or raspy or what? What did you spit up when you coughed? Was it yellow, greyish, white, etc…?”