Two Objections to the Atonement from Other Religions

Ok … I will have to do more research before I flesh this out in greater detail. For now, I just want to note these so I do not forget to look into it in the future.

Arabic Bible

A Common Objection from Islam:
~ Muslim’s find objectionable the idea that Jesus – God in the flesh could die on the cross. To die on the cross was to die a shameful death. How can you say that a great prophet such as Jesus could have died in this ignominious manner? This cannot be true.

A Less Common Objection from Hinduism:
~ How can you say that I must accept the fact that an innocent man died for my sins? If I have sinned, then I must incur the consequences for that sin myself. Why should someone else – especially someone innocent? That is not right. I would rather go to Hell than have someone else – someone innocent – suffer for my sins. That in itself is unjust.

You can find a streak of this sort of thinking in Dayananda Saraswati, and you can find it plainly in Keshub Chandra Sen and Swami Vivekananda.

BTW, the above jpg is of an Arabic Bible. Beautiful isn’t it?