Intriguing Kenneth Boa Quote

In a online lecture @ the C.S. Lewis Institute given by Kenneth Boa, I heard something very interesting to think about so I wrote it down. My notes are below in blue and if you want to – you can get to Dr. Boa’s website by clicking on his photo below.

“The evidence continues to grow – at the same time however there is still going to be the capacity that people have to turn away from that.”

“I believe that God has apportioned the evidence in such a way that there is always enough evidence to satisfy the heart and mind of a person who would receive the truth but also just enough ambiguity to justify a person’s rejection of the truth. I believe He does this because He so treasures our capacity as people in the image of God to make true decision and moral decisions that are not coerced.”

“What I find interesting however is that as skepticism increases, so does the evidence. So that God continues to keep up that balance. . . . As skepticism increases, God bumps up the ante of evidence.”