Secularization, Modernization and India

I have tried before to jump start a series of blog posts on Secularization, Modernization & India… It has not worked to well, because the topic is so daunting and I always feel like I have not done enough research.

I wanted to blog again on this recently – but am going to drop it for now due to time constraints and work on other stuff. Perhaps another day.

In the meantime, here is an outline of my thinking… some of which may be subject to change in the future.

I. Introduction
   A. Recent History – 1950s and onwards
   B. More Recent History
II. Definitions: Vocab Gab
   A. Secularization theory
   B. Secularization
   C. Modernization
   D. Secularism
   E. Secular
      1. Non-western context: affirm all religions/views
      2. Western context: Affirm no religions
   E. Modernity
      1. Harold Netland discussion
         a) Postmodernity
         b) “culture of modernity”
      2. Christian Smith’s multiple modernities
III. Data arguing against Secularization theory from other countries
   A. General cases: Indonesia, Japan, the Global South, Saudi Arabia
   B. Detailed case examination: India
      1. Historical & Theological explanations – India vs. Europe
      2. Sociological explanations – India vs. Europe
IV. Conclusions, Implications & Implications for the Church
   A. Conclusions
      1. Modernization does not necessarily lead to Secularization
      2. Revisit data from other countries
      3. Revisit data from India
         a) Secularization theory failed disastrously in India
         b) Missionary schools (Duff) data should have been enough to predict the failure of secularization theory
   B. Implications
      1. Modernization and religion can coexist.
      2. Modernization will bring about religious pluralism
         a) internet bringing knowledge of other religions to your bedroom
      3. Europe is the anomaly – exceptionalism at least on the surface
   C. Implications for the Church
      1. Our Self-understanding
      2. The Evangelion & the surrounding culture
      3. Missio Dei & other cultures