Thoughts to Process later… On Buying Love

They say that money cannot buy love.

This seems right. Love is something that ought to be freely given. No?

Now – if money cannot buy love, it also seems right to say that, other things besides money cannot buy love. For example, you cannot trade or barter things for love. I cannot give someone a Ming Vase or a Yacht for love. I can try to, but then what am I really receiving in return? Whatever it is, it cannot be love.

Now – if money cannot buy love, nor can things in this world, expensive though they may be, it also seems right to say that our services cannot buy love.

– A man cannot say, clean up the house in order to buy his wife’s love.
– You cannot say, buy for your child, brand new clothes in order to win their love.
– A good friend is a good friend of mine, not because of some favors that I can do for them but because of their love for me.

So … here is the deal.

~ Can I buy God’s love?
~ Can I be a good person and do good things in order to receive God’s love in return?

CB2 and keep thinking about this.