I. The Nature of Faith – A Study (1B)

The following consist of my comments regarding my previous post (1A).

My Comments :

Re: Possibility # 1 – This is the ideal situation. This is what everyone would like to see happen.

Re: Possibility # 2 – No Faith = Nothing happens.

Aren’t (1) and (2) taken together a bit odd though? Does one’s ability to perform A or ~A boil down to ones state of faith and faith only?

Re: Possibility # 3 – Sometimes you lack the faith to pick up the rock, and yet you do wind up doing it.


My best guess is that, perhaps it is tied in to God’s will. God had wanted you to lift the rock all along, because He had in mind for something else to be accomplished. i.e. God would rather you have had faith and then do A, so that B might happen, but since you were cowering in fear and filled with doubt, God had to get you to do A, Himself, so that B might come about.

Re: Possibility # 4 – You have faith, but nothing results.

Why would this happen? I would say that this is because:

(1) Perhaps, you didn’t really have faith. You thought you had it but your really did. What you had was something like fools gold, that is a fools faith. It looked real, but it was not really. It perhaps was positive thinking, excitement, emotions, faith in the concept of faith, etc., but not genuine faith.

(2) Perhaps time is the issue.  The rock will still lift.