Lamin Sanneh Excerpt…

~ The following is an brief and interesting excerpt from a semi-biographical article of Lamin Sanneh.  The article is titled, Jesus More Than A Prophet and is from the book, Finding God at Harvard, edited by Kelly Monroe.

“One of the most vexing questions for my generation of Harvard faculty and students was whether Christian distinctiveness does conflict with the demands for pluralism and diversity and therefore whether Christian missions were an exercise in intolerance and bigotry. The uncomfortable conclusion from this line of reasoning is often that all those who converted to Christianity in Africa and Asia were disloyal to their own cultures and were evidence too, of Western religious imperialism. Many of us at Harvard carried with us this silent, implicit embargo on those forms of Christianity that resulted from the Christian missionary movement, even though the norms of liberalism we practiced required our acceptance of Africans and Asians, among others, whether Christian or not.”

“Many of us did not see the irony of judging the fate of hundreds of millions of African and Asian Christians by our own a priori convictions rather than the rules of inclusiveness and giving space to others to speak for themselves.”

~ p. 196.

*Note:  Lamin Sanneh is a currently the D. Willis James Professor of Missions &World Christianity and Professor of History at Yale Divinity. His country of origin is Gambia and he is a convert to Christianity from Islam.