The Golden Fruit of Happiness {Shift}

(1) From True Happiness by Thomas Reade (18?? – ????) ~ 1837

~ To be holy is to be truly happy.
~ True happiness consists of being at peace with God through Jesus Christ and in the habitual enjoyment of that peace in the conscience through the power of the Holy Spirit.
~ All believers are not equally happy because all are not equally strong in the faith or equally advanced in inward holiness.
~ Happiness is inseparable from holiness.

(2) From Happiness Hunters by Cornelius Tyree(1814 – ?)
~ A higher degree of personal piety will promote a higher degree of personal happiness.
~ Sin and sorrow are bound together by adamantine chains. Hence man increases in misery as he increases in sin.
~ Inseparable connection between holiness and happiness. (Note that Reade also said this. See above)
~ ~ Hence God is the happiest being in the Universe because He is the most holy.
~ ~ ~ The happiness of His people is just in proportion as they resemble Him in righteousness and true holiness.
~ The great cause of all the sadness and depression in the followers of Christ is the small degree of their piety. … they follow the Lord afar off.
~ Anyone sin habitually indulged in… will exclude from the soul all pious enjoyment.
~ The golden fruit of happiness grows only on the tree of holiness.