Western Neuroses – CB2

I’m Not Ok, Your Are Not OK.

We start our lives experiencing one Identity Crisis after another all the way through college.  Once we hit the work world we  move on to having Quarter-Life and Mid-Life Crises.  And as if that were not enough, eventually Sunday Neuroses become an unplanned part of our weekly schedule.  The kids then grow up and leave home and leaving us with Empty Nest Syndrome.   Life then ends with another surprise as retirement really becomes Retirement Syndrome offering you guaranteed and regular paychecks of emptiness. So much for the Golden sunset…

From the Victor Frankl entry in Wikipedia“He is thought to have coined the term Sunday Neurosis referring to a form of depression resulting from an awareness in some people of the emptiness of their lives once the working week is over.”

Look into: productivity paranoia, leisure phobia, vacation deprivation… verbiage: nothingness.

Other notes: Kenneth Samples states a beautiful equation based on his study of Victor Frankl,

D = S-M
    D = despair
    S = suffering
   M = meaning