Fugitives & Stalkers (Continue Processing This)

Fugitives: Us, You, Them… the person to your left, to your right.

Stalkers: Silence, Solitude, Conscience, Shame, …, Truth, Wisdom, Death, God (List not exhaustive, btw.)

~ Of these Solitude is quite interesting. Some people just cannot handle being alone. Why? One possible reason – they are running from themselves. Another possible reason – they are running from the whole gang of Stalkers and fear being jumped by them.

(False) Intercessors & Mediators: Avoidance, Denial, Noise (e.g. movies, football, social media, etc…) … Again – list not exhaustive.

~ The mediators help us run but only for so long, as each swipe of the scythe taken by the Grim Reaper will only inch closer and closer to us.

The Denial of Death by Ernest Becker