The Pushmi-Pullyu

I have remembered something odd from ??? when I was like 10 years old maybe. I have not thought of it since.

“The pushmi-pullyu (pronounced “push-me—pull-you”) is a “gazelle-unicorn cross” which has two heads (one of each) at opposite ends of its body. When it tries to move, both heads try to go in opposite directions. Dr. Dolittle meets it on his voyage to Africa to save monkeys.”

~ Taken from a Wikipedia article, List of Doctor Dolittle Characters

There is something about this beast and certain thoughts we have in our minds. I will have to think more about this and write when the thought forms as I am not simply talking about the “Oh. I am so torn” or “I feel conflicted within” kind of thing we hear. Pushmi-pulluyu thoughts are far more subtle, really are often unnoticed by the thinker.