Some Notes on Thuggery

The following comes from the article Cannibalism and Human Sacrifice Vindicated? by Dr. Thomas Schirrmacher. Dr. Schirrmacher is speaker for human rights and executive chair of the Theological Commission of the World Evangelical Alliance, speaking for appr. 600 million Christians. He is also director of its International Institute for Religious Freedom (Bonn, Cape Town, Colombo). He is member of the board of the International Society for Human Rights. You can go to his website here:


“From the thirteenth century a.d. at the latest, when for the first time a Sultan had a thousand of them incarcerated in Delhi, the Thugs (“stranglers”) in India offered sacrificial victims to the cruel goddess Kali, whereby they were throttled (strangled) in an extensive ritual involving a noose. The thousands of victims were hunted down in a series of raids. It was not until 1799 that the British became suspicious, but despite this very few “stranglers” were captured before 1830. Eventually Captain William Sleeman was commissioned to put an end to the evil which continued to claim thousands of innocent victims each year. By 1837 Sleeman had captured 8,000 of the about 10,000 “stranglers,” each of whom had killed up to 250 people.* When in 1876 the future King Edward VII visited India Thuggery had been destroyed, and all he could do was speak to an old Thug in prison.”

* Emphasis mine