Religious Pluralism (1)

Excerpts from a dialogue between Libby the liberal and Connie the conservative …

(1) Libby: “Christianity fulfills Hinduism and other religions which aren’t really false but really just incomplete.”

Connie’s Response: “How arrogant of you claim that your Christianity fulfills our religion! Why not we say that our Religion fulfills yours???”*

*Note: I have actually observed this response coming from Hindus in India. These are not theoretical answers.

(2) Libby: “All religions are lead to God.”

Connie: “How arrogant of you to say that? I am a practitioner of a religion that is non-theistic. You are giving the lie to my faith practice.”

(3) Libby: “If you were born in India, you would be a Hindu. If you were born in Iran, you would be Muslim. You don’t really know the truth. You just believe what you do because what you believe in is determined by where you were born.” (Religion is not really true/ All religions are true.)

Connie:  “Yes and if I were born in Sweden, I would be an atheist. And if I were born where you were, Libby, then I would be a pluralist like you. I guess then that I really really would not know the truth.”

(4) Libby: All the religions are like 5 blind men grasping an elephant. Each grabs a different part and so describes something different. But it is all the same thing.

Connie: “If that is the case then ALL of us and that includes YOU are consigned to be able to only describe a part of the elephant since we are all blind. Why is it you are able to describe the whole elephant and the rest of us, lesser mortals, just the trunks, the tails and so on? How is it that you are so privileged? You can see and we are blind?”

(5) Libby: Sincerity is what counts, no matter the religion. If you are just sincere with what you believe, not matter what it is – then you will be accepted by God or Whoever or Whatever…

Connie: Can I be a sincere Satanist? What about the suicide bomber? Would he stake his life on beliefs that he did not sincerely hold?

~ Brett Kunkle of on “Why Isn’t Sincerity Enough To Save Someone?”