Faith Is Not Purchasing Power


There are people out there who are part of the Prosperity Gospel (aka Health & Wealth Gospel) movement, who will say to you,

“If you have faith, then you will be healed or you will experience all sorts of amazing answers to your prayer.”

Then when you are not healed or do not experience those amazing answers, they come back to you and say,

“Oh. You must have lacked faith. That’s why.”


These folks talk as though faith were the currency of transaction between Heaven and earth.  It is as if faith were some kind of purchasing power with which you could get all sorts of goodies from God. If you have faith then you get this and that and if you don’t then you get diddly.  Additionally the more faith you have, the more diddly you get, whereas the less faith you have, then you barely get squat.

This way of thinking is false and it is false because of grace. Grace in Christianity is getting what you do not deserve.  Grace is what prevents us from viewing faith in such simplistic terms.  Here is why.

Banking on Grace:
~ While it is true that if Ho’opono has faith that you will be healed, then you will in fact be healed. It is however not true that if Ho’opono lacks faith then you will NOT be healed. Why?

Ultimately it boils down to what is God’s will for you in life. If it is God’s will that you be healed then He will heal you even if Ho’opono has a bad moment in terms of trusting God.  God is gracious. He helps, heals, comforts … He takes care of us even when we fail to ask for it, even when we fail to trust Him and even when we do not deserve it.

Now that said, a caveat:


The Insufficient Funds Caveat:
~ While it is true that Ho’opono’s lack of faith may not account for your lack of healing – it may on occasion. Why? If the trial is really about Ho’opono lack of faith and God wants to help Ho’opono grow in the area of trust, then God will withdraw an answer if Ho’opono is failing to trust in Him. Consider…

“Get yourself ready! Stand up and say to them whatever I command you. Do not be terrified by them, or I will terrify you before them.” ~ Jeremiah 1:17

* Ho’opono by the way is a Hawaiian baby name and it means faithful.