Faith – Another Crack At An Illustration

The purpose of this illustration is to point out what is wrong with the notion of faith found among folks in the Prosperity Gospel movement.

Mongolian Store I Think
Mongolian Store I Think

~ Suppose young Batukhan goes to buy something at a store owned by God.  While there Batukhan – little Batu – picks up what he needs and goes to the counter to buy it. As he reaches for his wallet, he realizes that he may not have money and so he mumbles something about that.  God however being gracious says,

“Its ok little Batu. You can have what you need anyway. Take it.”

Now suppose that Batu does this again and again for say … 5 times… then on the 6th time, God may not give young Batu the item that he wants to buy.


Because this is a repeated problem that Batu needs to get his act together on.

Like so with faith. Just because you lack faith does not mean that God will not give you what you want – contra Prosperity teaching. It ultimately depends upon what God’s will is.  However if you are repeatedly lacking faith, then God may not give you that thing because He needs to draw attention to your persistent lack of faith. (Because here the trial is actually your lack of faith, not the thing desired.)

“What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?” ~ Romans 8:31

~ God is for us in more ways than we realize. So we should always attempt to step out on faith.