Faith & Geographical Location

I am looking at the book Stepping Out on Faith by Dr. Elmer Towns. It contains a series of stories of pastors involved in church planting and growth and it discusses the role that exercising faith played in for them.  In Chapter 14, the discussion is that of Pastor Bob Gehman of Reistertown, Maryland. In it Pastor Gehman says something that I find very interesting, so I will note it here:

“Gehman believes the test of faith is greater in some geographical areas than in others. He believes that in the South a minister can get quicker results and attract a larger crowd. Therefore the man does not have to have great faith to build a church as in localities that are resistant to the gospel. Gehman indicated that in the North, because of the Catholics and the great amount of unchurched, it takes more faith and more work to bring them to know Jesus Christ. He says, ‘The spiritual coldness in the North requires the pastor to have more faith to build a new church than it does in the South where people are open to the gospel. How many cold shoulders can a young pastor take and still have faith?'”

Elmer Towns
Elmer Towns

I think that Pastor Gehman is spot on here. Very interesting. I need to think about this some more later on.

That said, Elmer Towns website can be accessed here:  

~ I strongly advise going through it. I am currently reading a book of his on Revival. Its a great book and I think it is worth getting and reading.

In addition Towns has an online Spiritual Gifts Inventory Questionnaire that one may want to try out.

Finally Towns has also made available tons of free online resources.   I am currently reading his book, BIG BOLD EXTRAORDINARY FAITH. The books  is not only food for thought, but so also food for action. I strongly recommend it.