Introduction To My Lex Talionis Page

On this page, I collect links to various posts that I have written on Justice.  The idea I explore goes something along these lines…

If God does not exist then injustice is god.

What I am basically saying is that, it seems to me that in the atheist’s world, injustice is sovereign.

Why? Because the fact of the matter is that there are innumerable people who have had power, wealth, fame, status, mansions, excellent health, land, expensive cars, private jets, wine, women and song and so on, AND …

AND . . .

They have also lied, deceived, adultered, killed, robbed, slandered, brutalized, deceived, raped, oppressed, lusted, stolen, plundered, back-stabbed, caroused, coveted AND …

AND . . .

They have gotten away with it permanently.

And to top it all off they lived good loooong lives.  They went to their graves with smiles on their faces, buried in peace.  They got everything they wanted in life and more.

If our standard for justice is an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, then these people not only exacted a million eyes and a million teeth from a million oppressed souls, but in return they did not give even a single eye or a single tooth.  They won! . . . No?

So if this is how justice works in this world then we must conclude the following:  In this world of ours, injustice is triumphant and crime does pay handsomely.

Or is there something that I am missing?

Because it seems to me that one could (and many do) easily reason from “This life is all we have – there is nothing beyond the grave”, to “I better live for myself and enjoy it while it lasts – even if it is at other people’s expense.” Put it another way : Suppose Pradeep has two options on how he can live his life. He can

1. have a really bad life (= e.g. chronic unemployment,  poor academic record) while still being just


2. have a really good life (= e.g. affluence, poetry readings at coffee shops, reading Plato on Caribbean beaches) while being unjust

Which would Pradeep choose? Which would you choose?