Notes from Jay Smith Transcript – Polemics vs. Apologetics (2)

Jay Smith Interview
Jay Smith

My notes from Brian Auten’s interview of Jay Smith continues below:

Brian Auten: …CUT …  It brings to mind a question that I have in regards to how Christians should use that sort of information. For instance, many people would bring to light Muhammad’s very young wives, and they would try to bring that to light in their interactions with Muslims. I’m wondering if that’s wise or appropriate in their interactions.

Jay Smith: No, and I think this gets back to the question of apologetics and polemics. Polemics is going on the offense and that’s when you confront the traditions, you confront the Koran, you confront the prophet’s example. There are very few of us that should ever get into that battle. That is not for the people out there, and I hope the listeners are really listening to me on this.

Please do not use polemics unless you’re trained to! Unless you have had the training, you’ve had the background, ‘coz once you start using polemics, you’re gonna do two things. First of all, you’re gonna lose your audience, more than likely and you’re gonna enrage the Muslims. They get angry when you use polemics. If you have any doubt, just go up on YouTube and look and see what happens when I use polemics every Sunday, and I do it all the time ‘coz that is my job. That is what I’m gifted for. That is what I’ve been trained to do. I’ve had lots of experience. I’ve been doing this, I’ve been working with Islam for 29 years, almost 30 now, coming up on my third decade. Those of us who are trained to do it, let us do it. That’s not your job.

Every Christian—every Christian is given the responsibility to defend their faith and that’s why I hope the listeners really get this. Apologetics is all you’re called to do, and apologetics basically is to take the questions they’re throwing at you and respond to them. And there’s myriads of questions that are coming from their end, that’s why I love Muslims, because they’re the first to throw questions at me and at you.