In Search of a Confident Faith – by J.P. Moreland & Klaus Issler (Quick Note)

In Search of a Confident Faith

I want to jot a quick note on certain terms from the book In Search of a Confident Faith – by J.P. Moreland & Klaus Issler. I jot them because they are commonly confused:

“…  three absolutely central things to keep in mind when you ponder what it is to actually believe some biblical teaching.  First, one must distinguish among

(1) unbelief (a willful and sinful setting of oneself against a biblical teaching),

(2) doubt (an intellectual, emotional or psychological hindrance to a more secure confidence in some teaching or in God Himself – I believe something but just have doubts) and

(3) lack of belief (I don’t believe something but know I should and want to – I need help).”

Second, as we shall see, not all doubt is explicitly intellectual.  There are deep, affective, psychological issues involved as well. For example, if you had attachment issues as a child and were not regularly connected to warm, strong, loving parents, you might have difficulty believing that God the Father is tender and kind.

Third, confidence is not an all or nothing affair. If one does not have confidence in something, he or she may lack trust to varying degrees.”

~ pgs. 21-22

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~ Dr. J.P. Moreland

~ Dr. Klaus Issler