The Apologetic Process

On Apologetic Systems…

There is

(1) What I believe – I believe things that you do not.

(2) What we believe – There are things that we believe together or hold to in common.

(3) What you believe – There are things that you believe that I do not.

~ I believe that Jesus Christ is God incarnate and that He died for peoples sins and rose from the dead. You may not believe that.

~ We both may believe that chocolate ice cream is the best. We both may believe that the earth is round not flat.

~ You may believe that global warming is a dangerous reality. I may not.  You may believe that God created the world and then left it (=Deism). I do not.

The presuppositionalist starts with (1) and then goes to (3) – critiquing it. Then he or she tries to get back to (1) and then a spiral from (3) to (1) ensues.

The non-presuppositionalist (e.g. evidentialst) starts with (2) and then tries to get to (1). A spiral between (1) and (2) ensues.

Think through and work on this later…