John C. Maxwell Notes from Leadership Gold

Al Mohler said that he read John C. Maxwell books so I felt that I had to take a look.  His books are good. So here are some notes along the way. Leadership Gold by John C. Maxwell

Maxwell is big on people operating out of their strengths rather than their weaknesses. This is just another way that a person can be themselves. So if your strength is in using your fingertips to do some writing rather than in playing the piano, then by all means write. Write, don’t play the piano. Anyway on that note, let me take some notes!

Pg. 89 – from Chapter 10, “Don’t Send Your Ducks to Eagle School”

“… I teach The Law of the Niche, which says, ‘All players have a place where they add the most value.’ Successful people have discovered their niche.  Successful leaders help their people discover theirs. As a leader, you should always challenge people to move out of their comfort zone, but never out of their strength zone.

Pg. 90

~ Maxwell talks about how he went running with Bill Hybels who is a runner while he is a walker.  For him it was a struggle whereas Bill Hybels wanted to another lap.  He obliged and felt like he was going to die.

~ My 2 cents worth: I think people do ministry at different rates. That is that in ministry, people run at different rates. Some people run.  Some people walk. I am a walker.  I avoid runners.  They wear me out. I walk and quite frankly I do get things accomplished.  Hey… I am an introvert (Myers Brigg: INFJ) and yet I led street evangelism at my Divinity school and got the Joy Cummings Evangelistic Award for it.  How that happened – go figure. Ultimately it is about God granting the increase – not we doing much of anything.

pg. 90 again – 3. If You Send Ducks to Eagle School, You Will Frustrate Yourself

“Have you ever led people who never did rise up and fulfill your expectations? No matter how much you motivated them, trained them, provided them with resources, or gave them opportunities, they just didn’t perform according to your expectations? That’s happened to me many times.

Maybe they weren’t the problem.  Maybe you were!”

~ Ouch. He is right. I have this problem in trying to get people in my Bible Study group to change. Its frustrating … why cant these people become more like me ???… er… Christ ??? I forget that I am responsible for just simply doing my job properly and leaving the results in God’s hands.  God is responsible for the change.