Joy – Scratchwork…

1.  A million dollars vs. joy dilemma

2. Friend at school… who flunked an exam… Can’t lose my joy… lose the exam but not joy.

~ Lose the exam, I only lose one thing… one single thing. Lose my joy, I lose everything… the entire universe.

3.  Joy implosion – bad vs… overflowing surging joy

4. Joy the fruit. Fruit grows over time. Small baby grapefruit vs. large one that can barely be palmed and crushed.

5. Joy- early stages you maintain it… later on it maintains you. |baby joy vs. mature joy. Joy matured is the parent.

~ Nehemiah & Apostles verse.

~ Illustrations: Joy Deposits – 1) like a bank account or some investment account. 2) Maintaining a house so that when the storm comes, it will maintain, sustain you.

6. Joy – early stages – baby joy… challenges to it.

7. Drug addict cannot say no to the drug after a certain point. Addiction. He could once control his usage… after a certain point, the usage controls him.

Joy… you maintain it… later on it maintains you.