The Resurrection & Islam (1)

~ Since Easter is almost ending I want to quickly put up a post on Resurrection. Here I am concerned to point out some problems with the Islamic view of Jesus’ non-resurrection.  I pursue a style of writing that is story like in character.

Islamic and the Crucifixion

Muslims deny the Crucifixion and have two major explanations for what took place on the cross.

1)     The Substitution Theory:  According to this theory, Allah made someone look just like Jesus in appearance and this person was then crucified in Jesus’ place.  This means that Jesus did not really die on the cross.  Someone else did.  Who might this be?  Muslim commentators have proposed several candidates: Judas, Peter, the Roman soldier Titawus, Simon of Cyrene, Titanus – a supposed guardian of Jesus, and so on.

2)     The Ahmadiyyan Swoon Theory: This is a lesser known view that has been growing in popularity of late.  This theory was proposed by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (1835-1908), the founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam.  Ahmad apparently came under the influence of Western forms of the Swoon Theory and then concocted his own version.  In Ahmad’s account, Jesus did not actually die on the cross.  Instead He just swooned (i.e. fainted) while He was hanging the cross.  Then upon swooning, Jesus’ disciples took him down from the cross and helped to revive him.  Jesus then moved to Kashmir on a mission to the lost tribes of Israel, where He settled down and died a natural death at the age of 120.

*Note: The Sunni Muslim scholars Ahmad Deedat and Shabir Ally also hold to this.

In this paper I plan on examining the above two theories in a narratival (i.e. story like) format.  Basically I will be asking how Jesus death, crucifixion, and resurrection story would have gone, had either of the above two theories been the truthful account.  I will begin by first discussing the Substitute Theory and then second, the Ahmadiyyan Swoon Theory. In my examination of the latter theory, I will also take an extra minute to examine the Western version of the Swoon theory since it is purported to have influenced the Ahmadiyyan version.