Focus, Fullness, Fulfillment – Acts 1-2, Chapel Message by Pastor Josh Smith

I found some really great Chapel messages on iTunes.  They come from the Chapel of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. The following are some notes from a message titled Focus, Fullness, Fulfillment – Acts 1-2, given by Pastor Josh Smith on April 4th, 2013 at Southeastern.

Paradigm across the Old Testament and the New Testament: Focus, Fullness,Fulfillment

Focus on Christ ∝ Fullness of the Holy Spirit ∝ Accomplish great things for Christ.

∝ : is the mathematical symbol for proportional to. (He did not use the term. I am using it.)

Focus – What does it look like?
1) Focus looks like prayer.   → power
2) Focus looks like the study of the Word of God.  →  wisdom
3) Focus looks like obedience.  → blessing
4) Focus looks like corporate gatherings.  →  we need one another. *

*Note:  I will add that God uses corporate gatherings so that we can fill each other with the Holy Spirit.

~ Focus is the humble recognition of my desperate need for God.

~~> Focus always preceded fullness.

We focus that we might be filled but the reason is for the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

Disobedience – Quenching the Spirit:  The degree to which I am filled determines the degree to which I am useful to God.

The purity of my heart is related to the power in my life which is related to the influence and impact in my ministry.