Frenchman Guillaume Bignon – Atheist turned theologian and philosopher

~ I follow this chap on twitter and have been very interested in knowing how he became a Christian. Now I have finally found his story:

How God turns a French atheist into a Christian theologian – My conversion story.

Guillaume Bignon
Guillaume Bignon

Here is an excerpt:

“I grew up in a wonderfully loving family in France, near Paris. I was the second of 3 children. We were nominally Roman Catholic, and would regularly attend mass, but this religious expression seemed to be more out of tradition and maybe superstition than a true life conviction. I certainly didn’t believe any of this was true myself, nor did I sense that people around me took it all that seriously either, though it was an important part of their lives. As soon as I was old enough (13 or so) to tell my parents that I didn’t care for any of it, I stopped going to mass on Sundays, and my life as an atheist was hardly different. My basically atheistic beliefs and values remained, and all that changed was that I was no longer required to fight boredom for an hour or so on Sunday morning while going through the motions of religious rituals and meaningless recitations. Meanwhile I grew up to be a pretty happy young adult. My dad was a mathematician and computer scientist, and my mom “religiously” devoted herself to the well-being and education of her children, from which I benefited greatly on all fronts.  … ” 

His Twitter site where I borrowed the above pic is:    — @theoloGUI

And … here is a video that I have yet to look at:



2 thoughts on “Frenchman Guillaume Bignon – Atheist turned theologian and philosopher

    1. rgbrao

      Hello Tony –

      ~ Top of the afternoon to you… its afternoon here… ok…

      Well I can say that I accept the Gospel as explained in this video:

      ~ Beyond the Gospel itself theres a lot in Christian theology that I am not sure of. For example, premillennialism vs. amillennialism vs postmill… etc. I don’t know. Or like apologetics stuff … Presuppositionalism vs. Evidentialism vs. … I don’t know. Sandemanianism vs… huh?-ism. No idea. lol! So much to learn… so little time.

      I am not even entirely sure how I became a Christian even. I mean I went through an extended period of time – probably 1-1/2 year – where as an undergraduate I read the Bible in its entirety. This was not for the U, nor for some catechism class as I was not church-goer at the time, nor to please my family – as they were not Christian nor cuz I was part of some campus Christian group, or even had Christian friends… well one who I had lost touch with – but anyway. One thing had led to another … one thought had led to another and I sat down and read the Bible on my own for myself. Its quite possible that that was when I became a Xtn. Thats my best guess… if not then then I do remember this…

      I do remember one day sitting outside of Harriman Hall at my U and asking myself if I believed that I was a sinner who needed to repent of his sins. My answer was yes. Indeed “there is no one righteous, no not one” (Romans 3:10). To that I also asked myself I believed that Jesus Christ died on the cross for my sins. Again my answer was yes. Then I sat and thought about what it meant to count the cost and if I was willing to be a Christian even if that meant a rough and painful life. My answer was yes. Maybe I became a Christian then… or was I already one before that …

      That aside… here is what I can say exactly – I lean towards New Covenant Theology and I am also a Calvinist altho I would not say that I am a card-carrying one.

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