Zylstra – Follow Through On This Someday…

The following is a blurb by Henry Zylstra that I need to follow through on and research someday.

“To be human is to be scientific, yes and to be practical, and rational, and moral, and social, and artistic, but to be human further is to be religious also. And this religious in man is not just another facet of himself, just another side to his nature, just another part of the whole. It is the condition of all the rest and the justification of all the rest. This is inevitably and enescapably so for all men. No man is religiously neutral in his knowledge of an his appropriation of reality.”

~ Henry Zylstra, Testament of Vision (Grand Rapids:Eerdmans, 1958), 145.

“… the condition of all the rest …”

What does this mean??? Hmmm … well another day…

Aside: Henry Stob is very cool also. His thoughts