Types and their Anti-type – Jesus Christ

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A good number of the characters and figures found in the Old Testament foreshadow Jesus Christ. They are the types of which Jesus Christ is the Anti-Type. He is the fulfillment, that is. While they are the imperfect prophets, priests and kings, He is the perfect and final Prophet, Priest and King. Here is a list … basically a consolidation of my previous posts.

“Abraham took the wood for the burnt offering and placed it on his son Isaac, and he himself carried the fire and the knife. As the two of them went on together, Isaac spoke up and said to his father Abraham, “Father?” ~Genesis 22v.6

1. Isaac and Jesus are both the sons of promise.
2. Isaac is described in the following manner: Then God said, “Take your son, your only son, Isaac, whom you love, and go to the region of Moriah …” (Gen.22:2) ~ Like so John 3:16
3. Jesus carries the cross – the tree on his back on the way to Golgotha. Isaac carries the wood on his back.
4. Jesus willingly submitted to His Fathers will – to the point of death. So too Isaac – You think of it, Isaac was 13 years old, and Abraham was … I don’t know … 90+ -very very old. Isaac could have easily cracked one on Abraham’s jaw and run away. He did not. He instead accepted his fathers will.
5. Isaac is regarded by His father as good as dead for 3 days (Genesis 22:4). Jesus is in fact dead for three days.
6. This sacrifice is taking place at Mt. Moriah. Mt. Moriah is where Jesus would be crucified a 1,000+ years later. Although it would have a different name by then.
7. Jesus willingly dies. Isaac willingly dies – dead man walking – or he is rather as good as dead. – “unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed, But if it dies, it produces many seeds.”
8. Hebrews 11:17 ~

1. Joseph is sent to his own. Yet his own do not receive him. (John 1:11)
2. Joseph is sold for silver to the Ishmaelites. So too is Jesus – 30 pieces.
3. Joseph is betrayed by his brothers. So too Jesus. Jesus is betrayed by the disciples in the sense that they all flee.
4. Joseph does not seem to have particularly good relations with his brothers – not on account of him, but them. Its seems so, with Jesus.
5. Joseph’s suffering is unjust. So too Jesus.
6. Joseph – after his “death” in the dungeon is resurrected – and sits at the right hand of Pharaoh. Jesus dies and sits at the right hand of God. {coronation ceremony}
7. Joseph is married to the daughter – Asenath – of a pagan priest, On. Jesus is right now “engaged” to a woman who is of the world (“On”), and is being redeemed from the world.
8. Joseph is sent to Egypt. Jesus is sent to the world.
9. Joseph winds up becoming a savior/redeemer to all the world – Gentiles included. Jesus, is not just for the Jews, but also the Gentiles.
“And all countries came into Egypt to Joseph for to buy corn; because that the famine was so sore in all lands.” ~Genesis 41v.7

1. Moses escaped death as a baby when the Pharaoh ordered the death of babies. Likewise with Jesus and Herod.
2. Moses was a shepherd. So too Jesus in a spiritual sense. “I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.” ~ John 10:11
3. Moses and Jesus are both intercessors.
4. Both take us on an exodus that involves a journey out of slavery. In the case of Moses, it is physical slavery. In the case of Jesus it is spiritual slavery.  “For we know that our old self was crucified with him so that the body of sin might be done away with, that we should no longer be slaves to sin–” ~ Romans 6:6
5. Moses fasted 40 days and 40 nights. So too did Jesus. “Moses was there with the LORD forty days and forty nights without eating bread or drinking water.” ~ Exodus 34:28
6. Both are lawgivers – Moses gave us the law of Moses. Jesus gives us the Law of Christ.
7. Moses came to that which was his own – the Israelites – and by in large their track record was one of perpetual rejection. “Moses thought that his own people would realize that God was using him to rescue them, but they did not.” ~ Acts 7:25. Of Jesus it is said, “He came to that which was his own, but his own did not receive him.” ~John 1:11
8. Both had to put up with murmuring from the Israelites. See John 6:41-43
9. Moses was willing to give his life up for the Israelites (Exodus 31:31-32). God did not accept his offer. Jesus also willingly gave His life up for His people.

1. Jesus’ name is basically Joshua with a slight pronunciation twist. The meaning of Joshua is Saviour.
2. Joshua led Israel through a circuit of victories against Israel’s enemies. Jesus also went on a circuit of Galilee, Judea, etc., and destroyed Satan’s work.
3. Joshua led people into the Promised Land. Jesus leads people to Heaven.
4. Joshua began his government at the Jordan. Jesus began His ministry at the Jordan upon His baptism.
5. Joshua appointed 12 to divide the inheritance. Jesus appointed 12 apostles to go out into the world with the Gospel.

1. Both were born in Bethlehem.
2. Both are anointed long before they actually take to the throne. David was anointed by the prophet Samuel 20 years before his taking to the throne. Jesus was anointed at His baptism by the prophet, John.  Both are also kings long before they actually exert formal rule. Jesus was enthroned right after his resurrection but until His 2nd coming will not officially exert formal rule.
3. Jesus began his ministry when he was 30 years old. David officially took to the throne of Israel when he was 30 years old.
“Now Jesus himself was about thirty years old when he began his ministry.” ~ Luke 3:23
“David was thirty years old when he began to reign…” ~ 2 Samuel 5:4
*Note: There is an Already-But-Not-Yet element in David and Jesus fully taking up the throne.
4. David is a shepherd. So too is Jesus in a – although of people.  “I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.” ~ John 10:11
5. Both have brothers that display resentment at certain points. (Check this one. Matthew 12)
6. Both are betrayed by someone very close to them… Psalm 41:9. Judas betrays Jesus. Joab betrays David.

7. David & Goliath Story:
7.1. Satan brought on the downfall of Adam & Eve and thus humanity via a tree.
7.1.1. Jesus brought about the downfall of Satan via a tree – the cross.
7.2. Goliath taunts the Israelite army for 40 days.
7.2.1. Jesus fasts for 40 days and endures all kinds of temptation.
7.3. Goliath was clothed in scale-armor (1 Samuel 17:5, NASB). Apparently the Hebrew indicates that he basically had on snake-scale armor. The point: Goliath represents the Serpent or Dragon, i.e. the Devil.
7.3.1. David like Jesus and unlike Goliath appears ordinary or weak even.
7.4. At the end of the 40 days,
7.4.1. Satan appears before Jesus in order to tempt Him. Jesus in effects resists him and overcomes him. This is basically a spiritual battle.
7.4.2. Goliath and David have a showdown and David slays him with a blow to the head.

“I will put enmity between you[the serpent] and the woman[Eve], and between your offspring and her offspring;He shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise His heel.” ~ Genesis 3:15

7.5. The cross was Satan’s weapon to bruise Jesus’ on His heel.
7.5.1. Jesus overcame Satan via the cross. He used Satan’s weapon against him by using it to bruise him on the head.
7.6. The sword was Goliath’s notable weapon: “The priest replied, “The sword of Goliath the Philistine, whom you killed in the Valley of Elah, is here; it is wrapped in a cloth behind the ephod. If you want it, take it; there is no sword here but that one.” David said, “There is none like it; give it to me.” ~ 1 Samuel 21:9
7.6.1. David used it to slay him after bruising him on the head.

(*Interesting to note also that a sword stuck in the ground looks like a cross.)

8. The Return of the King – After Absalom’s rebellion and subsequent defeat, David returns to Jerusalem. This is detailed in 2 Samuel 19 and it is interesting because a big deal is made by David and others about who will be “bringing with the King back” to Jerusalem. I wonder if this may be a type of Christ’s Second Coming.