Jairus in Downtown Chicago

I was listening to D.A. Carson on Mark 5, and he talked about Jairus and also the woman with bleeding. Carson pointed out that it was the unnamed socially low woman with bleeding who was commended for her faith, not Jairus, the synagogue ruler. In fact Jairus needed for his faith to be propped. When people told Jairus that his daughter was dead, Jesus was like “Dont worry. Just believe.”

Honestly, being a type A type of person, I could resonate with Jairus’ weak faith. So I prayed to God asking Him to prop up my faith. To make a long story short… what is interesting about the Jairus incident is that “when power went out from” Jesus, He put everything on hold to ask around who touched Him. Then Jesus spent sometime talking to her. What would it have been like for Jairus, when this was taking place. He was probably pining away… aaack… my daughter… come on. Lets go! Lets go ! Lets go! Nobody likes delays.

Nobody likes interruptions either… {can this thought work???}.

Moving on… I had to drive 2 days straight these last two days, to get from NY to Chicago. I had to work in Chinatown, Chicago at 6:45pm. I listened to Carson as I drove. As I drove through Ohio, I kept thinking of all these things that I needed to take care of. At somepoint, I just said, shove it … I am reasoning in a fleshy manner, rather than leaving it at God’s hands. As I drove, I also calculated the time it would take for me … if I went to campus, dumped my stuff and then took the train to Chinatown, versus going to Chinatown straight right now. Going to Chinatown straight would have made the most sense, however after being on the road for so long, I just needed a breather, and so I decided to drive to campus. I figured that I had just enough time to take the 1-1/2 hr train to Chinatown. Just enough.

So I decided to go straight to campus… and lo and behold took a route that had massive construction, and hence the traffic slowed down to a crawl… Aargh … an interruption… a delay! Now I was Jairus!

So, I on and off pined away and prayed… ack! Eventually, I calmed myself and said… “I asked God to prop up my faith… ” Just trust in Him. “Don’t be afraid. Just believe.” To get

I got to campus, refreshed myself quickly, did some quick organizing, took a quick breather and then jumped back into my car and headed for the train. It looked like things were going to work out. I still had enough time to make it. Just enough. It would be cutting it close… but there was just enough time.

I went to the train station and waited there. Three of my friends from school were there. I started to talk to them. They were headed for the symphony. The train came and I boarded. After a little talk, I realized something. I opened up my bag, and aaaaargh!!! the DVD’s that I needed to use, were not in my backpack. Someway… somehow… I do not know how… I had left them in my car. I thought for sure, I had them in my backpack… I did not. So I excused myself and promptly got off the train. Aaaackkk… Another delay… I ran-walked to the car, and got my DVD’s out and then made my way back to the train station. Now I had to wait for the next train, which would not be there for another 20 minutes. Calm down Jairus I said to myself and prayed again and again.

Then I remembered something. Jesus actually didn’t make it on time. He was actually delayed. The girl died. Sooooee… even if I was late, things still could work out alright… “Don’t be afraid. Just believe.” So once again I calmed down… and to get my mind off this, I forced myself to think about some other things… which worked. So what if I was just 15 minutes late…

Moving, I deboarded at Union Station, Chicago… and had to walk some distance to catch the Red-line … I did not even look at my watch. I was too afraid. Then I got lost trying to find the red-line. To make things worse, two people gave me the wrong directions to the red-line. It was definately past 6:45p now. I reminded myself that Jesus was always with Jairus, and that He was with me, and if He was with me, then all will be well.

Anyway, I found the red-line. It zipped me to Chinatown. I went to the center, where I was to teach English as a Second Language. I walked in and guess what??? Nothing had even begun. My students were still straggling in. And also apparently, the class was to begin at 7:15 – not 6:45. Moreover, today was just an orientation… not actual teaching. Just getting to know one another…

Jairus’ faith has been propped. I asked God to prop it. He did.

Which has led to another thought… interruptions are God’s way of working in our lives. When God interrupts or allows an interruption… everything will work out just fine. Jesus was interrupted by the woman with bleeding. He did not sweat it. He was not bothered one bit. The interruption led to delays. Delays can be a part of God’s plan.

Hmmmm… even the Lazarus situation… Jesus delayed going to Bethany.