The Bible & Cat’s Cradle

When I was a kid, I used to play this game with threads that I wrapped around my fingers.  For a long time I could not remember what the name of the game was, until just now. It finally came back to me.

The name of this game is Cat’s Cradle. We have all played it.  Here is an image from the cover of an old Kurt’ Vonnegut novel that goes by the name.  Its kind of a cruddy image but I was unable to find a free stock image that was any good. Anyway…


So anyway – whats the deal with the Cat’s Cradle? To me this is an image of how the Old Testament interweaves with the New Testament. The two books interconnect back and forth over and over again. So much so that in order to understand the one book, you need to understand the other book as a well.

~ As Christmas approaches this will be particularly prominent. Around this time, we are often taken back to the virgin birth passages of Isaiah and also the Suffering Servant passages of Isaiah. We are also taken back to the Messianic hope theme of the OT when we look at Simeon and Anna. And so on and on. It may not hurt to do some extra reading and see how various themes are threaded across the whole Bible.

1) Cat’s Cradle – Google Image Database
2) The Telescoping of Prophecy by Dr. Winfried Corduan