On Seeking After God

We often come across people who say that they have wandered around to the ends of the earth in search of god or something transcendent. It is interesting to note that there is an interesting take on this phenomenon in (Reformed) Christian Theology.

R.C. Sproul makes some interesting comments about this whole business of seeking. First, he takes note of the fact, that the Scriptures say in Romans 3:11, that “There is none who seeks after God.” and says that while people are admonished to seek after God, they do not in fact do so. Our human nature is sinful and as such would rather simply avoid God. Sproul says that men are in fact fugitives from God.

So then what do we make of this phenomenon where we meet and hear of all sorts of ppl who say that they have been seeking after God?

According to Sproul, most people seek the benefits of God. They do not seek God Himself. (I think he got this for Jonathan Edwards, BTW). Sproul points out what Aquinas observed re: this matter, viz. that “people are seeking after happiness, peace, relief from guilt, personal fulfillment, and other such benefits. We understand that these benefits can only be found in God Himself”.

Sproul goes on to say “We want the gifts without the Giver, the benefits without the Benefactor”.