Wayne Grudem on the Environment

Wayne Grudem has written a really good book on Politics according to the Bible. I hope to get it one day. In the meantime I want to put some notes out here from his chapter on The Environment.

Grudem’s Chapter 10 – The Environment, pg 320+

(1) “Because Adam and Eve sinned, God placed a curse on the entire natural world.”
~ ~Grudem points out the verse in Genesis 3, “cursed is the ground because of you”. Funny how we read the same passage so many times but never notice things. I never noticed this. The ground is cursed.

(2) “The earth would now contain ‘thorns and thistles’ and many other dangerous and harmful things.”
~ ~ Grudem states that “thorn and thistles” function as a kind of poetic image which are about such things as hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, droughts … and even such things as “poisonous plants, poisonous snakes and insects, and hostile wild animals – that make the earth a place in which its natural beauty and usefulness are constantly mixed with other elements that bring destruction, sickness, and even death. Nature is not what it was created to be, but is ‘fallen'” – page 321

~ ~ I find the point about insects to be a bit odd. I would rather say insects that are pests, not just any insect.

(3) Grudem also says “The creation is not now perfect… we must build floodwalls and levees to protect against hurricanes, for example. We heat our homes in winter and air-condition them in summer rather than living all the time in ‘natural temperature’. We irrigate fields to grow crops where ‘nature’ did not decide to grow them. We put screens on windows or spray insect repellant to keep ‘natural’ mosquitos from biting us.”

(4) Grudem also mentions “tampering with nature” vs. “tampering with fallen nature”.

Other thoughts:
1. Nature is not entirely natural!
2. Cosmic Total Depravity!