Atomic Fireballs & The Gospel

~ When I was a kid, I used to eat this candy known as the Atomic Fireball – quite often. See the picture below:


So here is the deal… The candy has a really spicy red colored coat on it.  You start to suck on it and your mouth starts burning like crazy. However after a minute or two of sweating, the red coat thins out and gives way to a really sweet white inner core. After your mouth has been burned a bit by the red coat, the sweet stuff cools you down.

~ This relates to the Gospel or the Good News. How?

Before you give someone the Good News, you must first give them the news that will burn and make them sweat. This is the Bad News without which the importance of the Good News becomes minimal.

So what is this Bad News?

~ The Bad News is that humans beings are sinfully broken and that this brokenness leads to us further breaking things in life and society. From the sin nature proceed sinful acts. These acts separate us from God who will judge us for them some day and yes… justly punish us.

“For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” ~ Romans 3:23

That’s the Bad News. But then there is the Good News. What is the Good News? In a word, “Jesus”.

~~>Jesus Christ is the Good News of God.

How so? He took our penalty by dying for our sins. In exchange for our sins, He offers us forgiveness conditioned upon our repentance.

Can we repent of our sins and turn to Him asking for forgiveness and make Him the Lord of our lives?