John Walton’s 18 Propositions on Genesis ~ A quick jot

Walton, John H. The Lost World of Genesis One: Ancient Cosmology and the Origins Debate (Downers Grove, IL: Inter-Varsity Press, 2009. 192 pages)

Proposition 1: Genesis 1 Is Ancient Cosmology
Proposition 2: Ancient Cosmology Is Function Oriented
Proposition 3: “Create” (Hebrew bārā’) Concerns Functions
Proposition 4: The Beginning State in Genesis 1 is Non-Functional
Proposition 5: Days One to Three in Genesis 1 Establish Functions
Proposition 6: Days Four to Six in Genesis 1 Install Functionaries
Proposition 7: Divine Rest Is in a Temple
Proposition 8: The Cosmos Is a Temple
Proposition 9: The Seven Days of Genesis 1 Relate to the Cosmic Temple Inauguration

Proposition 10: The Seven Days of Genesis 1 Do Not Concern Material Origins
Proposition 11: “Functional Cosmic Temple” Offers Face-Value Exegesis
Proposition 12: Other Theories of Genesis 1 Either Go Too Far or Not Far Enough
Proposition 13: The Difference Between Origin Accounts in Science and Scripture Is Metaphysical in Nature
Proposition 14: God’s Roles as Creator and Sustainer Are Less Different Than We Have Thought
Proposition 15: Current Debate About Intelligent Design Ultimately Concerns Purpose
Proposition 16: Scientific Explanations of Origins Can Be Viewed in Light of Purpose, and If So, Are Unobjectionable
Proposition 17: Resulting Theology in This View of Genesis 1 Is Stronger, Not Weaker
Proposition 18: Public Science Education Should Be Neutral Regarding Purpose