More Notes on the Temple

Genesis Notes:
E1. The Cosmos is the Temple of God.
E2. The Temple is also the House of God.
~ He “lives” in the Temple.
E3. God worked for 6 days in creating the Temple, and on the 7th day rested.
~ We work 9-5 and then go to our house to rest.
E4. If the Cosmos is the Temple of God, then Eden was the Holy of Holies within this temple.
E5. Adam was the Priest/King of the Temple of God.
E6. You entered Eden through the East.
E7. Four rivers flowed out from Eden: the Pishon, Gihon, Tigris and the Euphrates.
E8. With the Fall, the temple is ruined. See Romans.

Pentateuch Notes (esp. The Tabernacle during Israel’s Wilderness Years):
T1. You entered the Tabernacle through the East side.
T2. Lots of water was there, from the Basin to other things.
T3. The Menorah and lampstands mark the Greater light and the lesser lights as per Genesis 1.

Judges and Kings Notes, esp. Solomon’s Temple:
ST1: The Gihon Spring was located south of the temple.

Prophets Notes:
1. Ezekiel

1. Jesus Christ. finishes the Temple Restoration process. “tetelestai!” “It is finished!” The curtain of the temple rips.
2. Just as God rested on the 7th Day, so too Jesus Christ rested in the tomb on the 7th Day.

Revelation Notes:
1. Spring of the Water of Life.
2. New Jerusalem, City shaped like a square.
3. No more sun or moon – Jesus Christ is our light… almost as if He fulfills even these.