Why Cancer Is So Sinister?

Rohit (shocked): “What? You have got to be kidding me! You’re telling me that I have cancer.”

(The Doctor simply nodded his head in silence.)

Rohit: Impossible! I don’t feel anything! I still do everything that I have always been doing. I still go running in the morning, work out at the gym in the evenings, go golfing on weekends … and work is going fine. I have been meeting all my deadlines. As far as I have been able to tell, my health has been good and now you are telling me that I have a dime-sized growth on my left lung. Impossible… I don’t smoke. I don’t even drink… huh?

Doctor (speaking after a moment of silence): I know this is tough and hard to believe, but we cannot lose any more time. We need to get you into surgery as soon as possible. And take a look at radiation and chemo possibilities soon after. Otherwise you might not be here a year from now.


Cancer is sinister. It is unlike many other conditions or diseases in that one can have it for a good long while and still not know it. If you have a cold, you know it right away and feel it right away. If you have Yellow fever or have flutters in your heart, you know right away. Yellow fever can have you be bedridden in no time while the palpitations in your heart can stop you dead in your tracks no matter where you are and no matter what you are doing.

Cancer however . . . can be silently creeping across the top of your kidneys or be growing across the insides of your ribs, even reaching a diameter the size of a citrus fruit and you are clueless.  As far as you are concerned, life is going on in its own merry way and little do you realize that you are actually dying.

I know all this because my Dad has cancer. His cancer however is almost gone and it is going away as mysteriously as it has come. Thus far he has not gone in for any surgery, radiation or chemotherapy or whatever… The only thing we can say is that there were a ton of people praying for him from across 3 continents. A ton. Even his doctor, who is not a Christian, has called what has happened in his life, “divine intervention”. He says that what has happened is extremely rare.  All that is left in my dad now is a tiny hair of cancerous cells. Someone suggested to him that he need not pursue surgery anymore, however his doctor has told him that since cancer is so devious, he should still get rid of even that tiny line of cancerous cells. It is basically a miracle. Jesus Christ is sovereign over cancer also.

All that said – I have realized something odd about cancer that comes out of the Bible’s teachings.

In at least one respect sin is very much like cancer. Sin is there within you. However you rarely realize it. It is there moving and growing within you, subtly affecting and twisting the thoughts you have, the decisions you make, the emotions you express. Yet you do not realize it. And not only do you not realize it, you feel fine.  Life goes on its merry way.

However sin is different from cancer in that whereas cancer has begun a process of separation between you and your family and friends, sin has already separated you from God and will ultimately separate you from your kith and kin.

{finish later}