(3) Notes from R.C. Sproul talk on God’s Will and Your Vocation

My notes from R.C. Sproul of Ligonier Ministries continue:

I used to lead over 200 laypeople in the Church who were engaged in an evangelism team. We went out every week and did evangelism and I trained them in this sort of thing and it was remarkable, some of the side benefits of that experience.

First of all, some of the people came to me after we had been doing this for several months. One woman who I do remember particularly, who was obviously far and away the most effective evangelist we had in this group of 200 or so and she was crying in joy.

She said to me, “R.C. I have been in the Church for 20 some years. I have sung in the Choir, I have worked in the church office. I taught Sunday School. And I tried all these different things to help in the ministry of the Church and I felt like I failed miserably at each one of them. And now thanks to this program, I have found my gift. And she loved doing Evangelism.”

Other people were engaged in it for 6 months and I remember talking to another person who came up to me and said,

R.C., I live in mortal fear every time we go out and do Evangelism. Every time we talk to people, I feel tongue tied. I feel completely inept and inadequate. I have been trying this for 6 months and it is just not working. But I have noticed that when we go out on Evangelism calls that I have found all kinds of people who are unemployed. What would you think if I started a group within our church and I would call it Unemployment Anonymous, and that we take as our mission to go to work trying to help these people that we encounter who are unemployed to find jobs.

I said “Do it.”

And she started that and that became a vital arm of ministry in the Church. She was far more gifted in Administration than she was in Evangelism.