(4) Notes from R.C. Sproul talk on God’s Will and Your Vocation

My notes from R.C. Sproul of Ligonier Ministries continues:

And what the Apostle Paul said “some are administrators, some even have the gift of giving”. The biggest way they can help the Church is to finance the Church.

I remember talking to a man who was a multi-millionare, who had given generously to many Christian organizations, and he came to me one day and he said,

“R.C. I have been thinking about leaving my job and going into the ministry – becoming a pastor. What do you think?”

I said “Well. You are going to have to make a sober analysis of your gifts and go through all these hoops and all that business and I have already talked to”.

And I said “You are going to have to search out the will of God on this and it maybe God’s call in your life to be a pastor. I don’t know. But I can tell you this.”

He said “What?”

“I sure hope it isnt.”

He said “Why not?”

I said “Do you know how few people I have met in my life who have the gift of giving like you do?”

And I said, “And you go into the Pastorate, we are going to have to raise your support instead of seeing what you have been able to do help finance the ministry of the Gospel all over the nation.”

Well, he decided not to go into the ministry and he continued. He gets his ministry by actively involved in finding how to allocate resources in the most effective way to advance the cause of Christ. That is ministry and Paul recognizes that here. And without those people, ministry doesn’t get done. Its that simple.

Without the administrators, ministry is in chaos. And as I said, these gifts are not exhaustive. There are more things that go on in the life of the Church, than just these gifts that Paul innumerates in Romans.

And again, we can extend this beyond the church into the world where everybody has a role to play. In conclusion, one of the key points that we seem to have missed in the Bible, that Paul iterates here and re-iterates in the Corinthian correspondance. The New Testament teaches that every believer not only is indwelt by the Holy Ghost, but is gifted by the Holy Ghost for service. Every Christian has some gift given to them by the Holy Ghost. And we are accountable to Christ for how we exercize our gifts. If you have the gift of teaching, what? Whoever has that gift, let them teach? Whoever has the gift of preaching, let him preach. …

One of the tasks of the clergy is to help the laity within the church discover what their gifts are so that they are not endlessly frustrated by having a heart that is willing to serve but they don’t know how.