Tim Keller Excerpt on Vocation

Something Tim Keller said syncs with what R.C. Sproul said about the gift of evangelism.  For now I want to just take the note. BTW, who is Tim Keller?

The following is from his website, http://timothykeller.com/

“Timothy Keller is the founding pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan, which he started in 1989 with his wife, Kathy, and three young sons.  For over twenty years he has led a diverse congregation of young professionals that has grown to a weekly attendance of over 5,000.”

~ And I am making a note from the following article, Vocation: Discerning Your Calling which is up at a site called The Resurgence:

“For example, before I came to New York City I would never have said that I had the gift of evangelism, but I now know that this was largely because it had been years since I had been in a setting where there were a lot of non-Christians. My “teaching” gift turns out to have a strong “evangelism” component that I would never have discovered unless New York City had brought it out.

I had a burden for New York, and that led me to a deeper understanding of my own heart. I did not say, “I have a gift of evangelism. Where should I use it? I know—New York City!” Of course, the longer you are a Christian, the more likely you are to know yourself well and not to have such surprises …”

*Note – I am not 100% sure I agree with everything Keller says in the article. Our differences however are not that big. What is important to me is that this is another example of how our context sometimes reveals who we are or what gifts we have. The church of course should be prominent in helping one discover their gifts.