The Bible – One Way of Looking at it…

1. The Bible is both the biography and autobiography of God.

2. We are intro’d to the Bible as having two major parts, the OT and the NT.

~ I have been toying with the following idea:

The Bible comes in 3 major parts:
(1) The Gospel Implied: The Old Testament
(2) The Gospel Supplied: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
(3) The Gospel Applied: = the NT – (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John)

(1) The word “implied” does not quite get at what I want to… but I cannot think of a better term. So anyway… what I am referring to by the Gospel Implied is the Old Testament. What I mean by it is that the OT consists of Gospel-Sightings. These come in the form of types, figures, foreshadows, prophesies about the coming Messiah, Messianic Psalms, etc.

(2) By Gospel Supplied I am referring to Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Basically these are the 4 Gospel accounts. What are the Gospel accounts btw? The Gospel is a biography of Jesus Christ detailing His life, death and resurrection.

(3) By Gospel Applied I am referring to all of the NT books sans the Gospel accounts. I think that we can think of these books/letters as being amplifications, commentaries, expositions, illustrations, explanations … of the Gospel.