Notes based on Becoming A Contagious Christian by Mittleberg, Strobel and Hybels

According to the book, there are apparently 6 evangelistic styles.  The authors describe these styles with the terms, direct, interpersonal, invitational, serving, testimonial, and intellectual.  These styles are not meant to be thought of as hard and fast categories, such that if you will find yourself only being in one or the other. Anyway…

1.  Direct:  This is sort of a blunt in-your-face style.  These are the folks who get right to the Gospel from the get go. I can be one of these quite often. In particular when I am talking to a random stranger.  I may jump right out and ask the person what they believe in and what their faith background is. The Biblical model for this is Peter. See Acts 2.

2.  Interpersonal: This style describes the person who prefers to discuss things in a relational context and where making or developing a friendship is important.  The Biblical model for this is Matthew.  See Luke 5:29.

3.  Invitational:  This style characterizes those people who will invite others to church or to some other Christian activity. I think this style describes in a big way, how evangelism takes place in India.  The Indian church is always inviting people to activities such as a member’s house-warming or a child-shower. Conversations invariably develop.

4.  Serving:  This characterizes those folks who can sense a need somewhere and will seek to take care of it.  Tabitha (i.e. Dorcas) is the Biblical example. See Acts 9.

5.  Testimonial:  These folks will share the faith by telling the story of how they came to know Jesus or just stories of what God has done and is doing in their lives.  They are also people who will be willing to open a bit, and that not just the good things but so also the struggles, the heartaches, the wounds, etc., in their lives. They will not mind being vulnerable.  Ex. I recall a friend of telling me about how she read the book, the Purpose Driven Life while going through a divorce and came to know Jesus.

~ The Blind Man in John 9 is a Biblical example of this style of evangelism.

6.  Intellectual:  This is the person who will engage some heavy weight issues and try to persuade others of the truth of the faith by employing reasoning, analysis, logic and so on.  Paul is a fine Biblical example of this. See Acts 17.