Notes from ~ How to Give Away Your Faith – Paul E. Little (1)

I just finished reading a fantastic book. It is titled, How to Give Away Your Faith, and it is by Paul E. Little. Here are some notes.

pg. 14

I will never forget one Japanese Christian, a judge, who chatted with me in the dining commons of Harvard University some time ago. Speaking as a Christian, he said, “I wish you Christians in the West could realize that we from the East, who have gone through the ravages of war, starvation, suffering, political turmoil, and the loss of loved ones, have a profound wound in our heart.” And he continued, “I know that essentially the gospel is God’s message of love, and that while it has social implications, it is directed primarily to man’s spiritual need for redemption; but it would mean so much if only we could know that you know that we have this wound in our heats.”

Millions throughout the world, in West as well as East, carry a profound wound in their hearts. Their response to us and the good news we proclaim depends a lot on whether they think we really understand and care.

~ “It should not surprise us that the men whom God has greatly used throughout the centuries have not just known their Bibles well; they have known men well, too.”

p16 – Believing facts is NOT enough
~ “Although we know all about Jesus Christ, we don’t know the Lord Himself.”

~ Little points out that we are mistaken if we think that we have to choose between God’s will and our own happiness.

~ “Witnessing” involves all that we are and therefore do; … So, the question is not will we witness (speak), but how will we witness?

~ Little points out that it is great that we hold function X or event Y, and some people come to hear the Gospel. However he says, while all that is fine, you will win far more people if you go out to them, rather than try to bring them out to you.

* Little points out a peculiar problem that I have: I am one of those ppl who feels that time is being wasted if it is not being invested in a specifically Xtn activity.

~ “If we are committing our time to the Lord, the HSP will, in His time, give natural opportunities to speak about our Savior.”

mutual interests…

pg. 44

Little mentions that with regards to the people to whom we witness, there are two categories.

Category 1:
~ The people who fall into this category lack the requisite information about Jesus Christ such that they could become Christians based on this information. Moreover they may has erroneous ideas or gaps in their knowledge of the things of Christ. We do what we can, not missing any opportunities, to improve their understanding.

Category 2:
~ The next group already has knowledge of the Gospel. They are not ignorant of it. For whatever reason they have not acted on what they know. Here Little’s recommendation is that we simply keep quiet, pray earnestly for them and love them into the Kingdom of God. We do not try to shove information down their throats or hector them with questions about where they stand with regards to the Gospel and so on. If anything, this will only alienate them and it will be harder to win them over to the faith.