Notes from Michael Green’s Sharing Your Faith with Friends and Family (2)

Pgs. 48-51

MG points out how we should speak when we do speak. We must speak naturally with modestly, confidence, enthusiasm, in plain and simple language and at a good timing.

~ Plain and simple language: It is all too easy to start using in-house Christian jargon. The fact of the matter is that many non-Christians are not familiar or at least not clear on the meanings of words that may be very basic to us. Using words like salvation, sin, justified, narrative, atonement, atoned, etc. may confuse them.

~ Timing: “The right thing at the wrong time can be a minor disaster. So it is important to be keeping close to the Lord, and so to sense from Him whether now is the time to take matters further with our friend, or whether it would be best to say, ‘Why don’t we have a chat about this tonight over a coffee?’ Timing is critical.”

MG recommends asking questions for the purposes of getting into spiritual conversations. He believes that a lot of people today are generally apathetic about ultimate questions. As such we ought to ask a lot of questions to break their apathy. Some examples are:

~ Why do you reckon people feel so empty, even when they have so much?
~ I wonder if there is any overall purpose and meaning in our lives?

He also points out that one of the most effective evangelism methods in the States, Evangelism Explosion, is based upon questions.

~ If you were to die tonight, would you be confident of going to heaven?” followed by “And why do you think God should let you into heaven?”

It needs to be noted that Jesus was the Master of the question. He constantly asked questions. He even responded to questions with questions.

Pgs. 52-57

Ways of opening up conversations:

1. Asking questions.

2. Point to some unusual mark of God’s presence.

~ E.g. a healing or an amazing transformation that someone has experienced upon coming to Jesus Christ.

3. Inviting people to some function.

4. Sit down with your friend and turn on the TV and watch the news, which is bound to be filled with stories of pain and sheer human wickedness.

~Why are human beings like this?
~ What is the fatal flaw in human nature that makes us so awful to one another?

5. Tell your friend what Jesus has done for you.

6. The easiest way according to MG is to be so full of the Lord yourself that you simply cannot help overflowing.

“Personal conversation is the best way of evangelism.”

Pgs. 80-81, 86-93

MG discusses some ways in which we may help an interested person have a relationship with Jesus Christ. Some examples of these are Evangelism Explosion, Two Ways To Live, etc. The one he discusses most goes by the acronym ABCD and it is listed below. The discussion of these helps are prefaced with a disclaimer that I think is worthy to note:

“What follows must not, therefore, be taken for a technique. You are not a manipulator, but an introducer. You have reached a point in the conversation when your friend genuinely wants to start a relationship with Christ. How can you help him?”


A: There is something to admit

B: There is something to believe

C: There is something to consider – the cost of discipleship

D: There is something to do – reach out in faith and personally accept the gift.