Notes – The Coffeehouse Gospel

~ Never use “you”. Use “us” or “we” or “our”.

~ Turner suggests living openly warts and all… but I wonder is there a limit to this. I mean – there is such a thing as dirty laundry. Or maybe context is the issue here.

~ “These types of struggles that a lot of us have experienced at one time or another certainly do help non-Christians relate to the Gospel message. It’s my experience that much of society longs to relate to a common story. Commonality among life stories makes people feel like they belong – like they aren’t a foreigner in a world full of normal natives.”

~ has encountered proselytizing on the streets that he describes as impersonal.

~ “People want to relate to you. People want nothing more than for you to relate to them.”

~ Turner states that Jesus constantly pursued turning “basic everyday conversations” into “life-changing moments of truth”.

~ On Transitions: “… don’t be so quick to underestimate the power of God in your personal words. Your transitions may be bumpy and awkward, but you never know how God can use them.”

~ Once again points out that there is such a thing as impersonal evangelism also.

~ “A friend of mine used to tell me she believed God could use anything to get people’s attention… However, sometimes it’s unfortunate He has to work with such lousy actors like myself.”

* Thought about grace here.

~ “Witnessing should feel as natural as breathing. It should be seamless and effortless.