On Being an Application Freak

A while back I was listening to a 5/10/10 podcast of Stand To Reason on ITunes. In it a person called in and asked Greg Koukl a question about applying the Bible to our lives.  Koukl pointed out to the person that while we do at times read a passage in the Bible and ask how it applies to us, we do not do so every single time. Sometimes its simply ok for us to read a passage and walk away with a better knowledge of God. This hit me a bit hard, because I am an application freak. For everything I read I have to ask “How does this apply to my life? How? How? How?” And there are quite a few times when I do not know how. And honestly that bugs me.

Now however I can rest easy. So if from Romans I come to understand some obscure theological fact about the doctrine of the Trinity but am not able to apply that to say .. my work situation in life, it is ok. It is not the end of the world. The point is to come to a greater understanding of who God is.