Persecution in the West – Quick Note

The following is quick note from a talk given by Dr. Michael Ramsden, titled Apololgetics Required: Prophetic Voice? 

He basically talks about how the peace and prosperity (i.e. lack of persecution and suffering) is actually abnormal in terms of the current global situation and also in terms of the history of Christianity.

“We need to just understand that what we have enjoyed in the West in terms of the peace and prosperity we have had has been very unusual. Very unusual. Historically unusual and even terms of other cultures – our contemporary cultures is unusual.”

“The normal existence for the average Christian is of either persecution or suffering. That is normal. It is only in the West where the church in percentage terms is much much smaller do we take it to be otherwise. Does that make sense? What we have at the moment is abnormal. ??? – historically abnormal and it is presently abnormal.

Dr. Ramsden works for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries – Europe.  You can read a brief bio of Dr. Ramsden here.