Jonathan Goforth & the Dangerous Dark Alleys in the Slums

DAThe following is another blurb from the life of Jonathan Goforth.

Goforth attended Knox College to study to become a preacher. Knox College is located in Toronto, Canada. While at Knox College, Goforth’s passion for the lost that he had had since becoming a Christian, continued unabated.  Consider the following:

“He did not hesitate to enter saloons and brothels and in these places he won for Christ a number of broken, disreputable persons. One night as he was coming out of a street that had a particularly evil reputation, a policeman met him and said, ‘How have you the courage to go into those places? We policeman never go there except in twos or threes.’ ‘I never walk alone, either,’ replied Goforth. ‘There is always Someone with me.'”